Tuesday, August 24, 2010


So there I was, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible during lunch hour, my back against a tree sitting cross legged head lolling in unison with my gaping drooling mouth.  I came back from a fun evening of theater in the village in the twenties to find myself facing Solange.  She was mirroring me, sitting cross legged and staring intently at me, sans the lolling head and drool covered face.  She looked fabulous, dressed in an outfit that looked like it was stolen from the set of a Audrey Hepburn flick.  Her hair was dyed a deep eggplant purple with her lips just a shade brighter.

As I came too, I felt a little frightened.  I mean what's a beautiful junior doing staring at the likes of a lowly freshling like myself.  I'd never met Solie before.  Not surprising, how could you expect the likes of me to rub elbows or even be introduced to a beautiful, oh so classy, upper classman such as herself.  I'm not sure who spoke first.

If I remember correctly, I said something like "ugh, gurggle um, slurp" as I wiped the drool from my lips. 
With a slight crinkle in her brow and smile in her voice, Solange said "When were you?"  Well she said "Where were you?" but I heard "when."

I'm not sure if it was the shock of being spoken to or the transfixed awe I felt looking into her deep eyes. Whatever it was, I told her.  I hadn't really told anyone of my travels at least not for a long while anyway.  I told my parents once or twice sure.  That was over a decade ago and each time I confessed, they just ignored me or struck my words up as a flight of fanciful imagination on the part of their quiet unprecocious child.  Tried telling my doctor once too.  Quickly nipped that in the bud.  You can tell when someone is starting to think you're insane and Doc had those don't get any closer eyes growing big as he leaned back and started to reach for the phone.  Anyway, after a some bouts with a couple of psych loving counselors, whom I avoided any information of substance and skirted from telling any tales of my travels until they were able to tell my 'rents I was fine, just a tad imaginative and a bit reclusive but fine, I made the decision to keep my affliction to myself.  It seemed easier to let folks believe I'm only sleeping and perhaps dreaming, not smelling the espresso at Cafe Reggio or listening to Beats rant in North Beach.

 - Ever listen to "I'm only sleeping" by the Beatles?  I wonder if John was able to travel through time too?

Anywhat, I told Solange where and when I was.  Think I might of stuttered, most certainly mumbled a bit, but she seemed to hear me.  Rather than laugh, Solange paused seemed to actually believe me and said "Vache Sainte!"
Then in reaction to the bell tolling to get all us cattle back into class "Merde! Well Jed, It is Jed Right? I'd like to hear more, meet me in the parking lot after school.  I'll treat you to a French doughnut at Sunshine and you can expound."
It seemed more like an order than a request.  Besides with her looks, I'd follow her most anywhere.  So I said something oh so cool like "uh great, I'll be there, yeah! See you after class."
"Magnifique!" she replied with a smile, kissed my cheek and wandered off.   Didn't wash that cheek until the next morning, kind of felt tingly all over when thinking about it.  Must have looked funny wandering around all numb automaton like with the ghost of purple lips enblazoned upon my cheek.

[  Sis did have a habit of slinging around French a lot.  Both of us are trilingual, we can speak French and German in addition to English thanks to our foreign born folks.  Sol was better at French but I still claim to be the better German speaker.  As for her clothes, S'lange was an awesome seamstress!  She'd promised to make me a flapper dress for my first high school home coming darn it.  Still trying to decide if it would be too creepy to raid her closet for a garment suitable enough to look classy while getting my groove on.  Don't think she'd mind.   She is beautiful, although looking a bit like her I might be bias.  So I'm not surprised at Jed's reaction.  I still can't understand why she'd talk to the likes of nerdy old Jed.  But she did seem to have the habit of collecting 'freaks and geeks' as part of her harem, so I guess talking to Jed wasn't too much of a stretch.  I miss eating doughnuts with my sister dern it all, if she isn't dead I wish she'd come back!
Looks like my netbook's running out of  juice, and I suppose I should do some semblance of the homework I've been assigned.  So boring, wish me luck!  Not sure i can keep my eyes open, just cracking the book is a snoozer! ]  

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