Friday, August 20, 2010


I'm not sure if I believe a word Jed says, but on the off chance that he's telling the truth and my sister isn't dead, I've gone ahead and created a blog to post what Jed has to say in the hopes that this might help find Solange.  Don't see how really.  Everyone has written her off for dead.  Even me at times.  Still, you can't fault a fourteen year old girl for not giving up hope that her big sis isn't dead and that perhaps Jed isn't insane and what he claims is true.
Anywhat, I can't tell how often I'll be able to transcribe his words, after all starting out high school is no pic-a-nic, and i have to hide all this from the 'rents who wouldn't approve.  Besides as you can imagine it's hard to get into prison to see a lifer.  This wouldn't be possible at all if it weren't for Jed's pleas and his sneaky aunt who has agreed to pose as my parent whenever visiting.
Oh did i forget to mention Jed is in prison for killing my sister.  Well he is, and although my sister's body hasn't been found, the evidence was purty darn damning.  Anywhat from meeting him and reading what he has said so far i can't help but hope.
Feel free to let me know if i'm way off base, but I think I'll try to see this through until S'langey is found, her body at least, or until i get bored of this, or until i get underwelmed by Spanish class, or  . . . cross your fingers world, until i finally get Eric to ask me out on a date and i get way too busy going out having fun to practice my secretarial typing skills.

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