Friday, August 20, 2010

a bit about me

Thanks Em for agreeing to do this.   My lawyer has advised against this, seeing as the verdict is on appeal, but  I want to set the record straight and not sure how else to do this.  Besides, I  figure how else can i get help in finding Solie, now that the hunt has peetered out.  Everyone's looking in the wrong time anyway.  Yes, I meant to say time not place, more on that later.  First a bit about me and then a bit about Solange for why would anyone care or try to look if you don't know anything about the missing or wrongfully incarcerated.  I'm really surprised it didn't make the papers or news channels, but figure oil spillages, war, first amendment issues all make better headlines.

[ Don't thank me Jed, or rather you can thank me if you're telling the truth and Solange is found, besides you just highlighted something I hadn't thought about, your lawyer telling you not too and all, and perhaps this is a win win, if you're lying perhaps you're rants will work against you and you'll be kept locked up like you deserve.  ]

Any who, my name is Jed.  I'm a plain, still pimply, faced, slimly built sixteen year old locked up in solitary confinement in federal prison.  Why federal prison and not juvie?  Good question.  I guess the courts in their infinite wisdom felt it best I be tried as an adult so there you go I'm locked up with all the rest of dem der hardened criminals, taken from the hollowed halls of San Luis High and placed in the far from hollow walls of Salinas Valley.  Lucky for me, I've got the pleasure of solitary confinement with daily closely supervised outside time where I can enjoy the pleasure of the sun and fresh air.  Why solitary? So glad you asked.  They couldn't, or rather my lawyer thankfully insured they couldn't, very well place me in a cell with other criminals or let me share a table with other murderers, when at anytime i could doze off and be helpless to whatever they might do to me.
What's that doze off? Ah yes the intricate part of my character and key to Solange's disappearance - I suffer from narcolepsy and fall into sleep at the most inopportune times.  Can't really control it, it just happens 10-upteenth times a day.  I've generally stopped counting, despite the doctors' recommendation, when I was five.
Actually I wouldn't call it suffering.  Yes, it has put a cramp on any sort of social life, no sports or driving for example.  You try running or swimming or swinging, when you could pass out anytime.   I do look rather stupid on the dance floor falling down when the beat is getting everyone to jump up, and i'd guess even stupider drooling on my desk as the teach is delving into why really so much does depend upon that rain glazed red wheel barrow being shadowed by chickens.  Anyway, despite my ailment making me a social pariah, a butt for badly told jokes, and personal plaything for any bully looking for a distraction, all in all I'd say I've lucked out.  After all, it did lead me into meeting Solange and opened up a world I doubt many of you have seen.  You see, rather than sleep, when I pass out, I time travel.

[Gotta go, if i'm late again for swim practice the coach will kill me]

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